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We’ve changed how we look but one thing remains constant, the love of great music.

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Radio Bahrain 96.5 is sparkling with personality and alive with music

Our brand is helping us move beyond radio and that journey begins here…

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Our Brand

Our vision is to inspire joyful connection and we do this through music with more personality. Radio Bahrain 96.5 is one of the oldest stations in the region but we are anything but old. We are passionate about what we do, we love who we do it with and we are open to working with you to bring your brand or career to life.

We Value Passion

We love what we do and bring energy and enthusiasm to every situation and task. We understand the power of our positive spirit and use it to motivate and engage those around us.

We Value Friendliness

We are open minded, warm and sociable, always making the effort to get to know those around us. Our positive and trustworthy nature makes people feel comfortable and welcome in any situation.

We Value Collaboration

We know diversity stimulates creativity and creates opportunities to work in harmony with those round us. We love to create connections and are responsive and respectful to everyone around us.

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Radio Bahrain has been making music matter since the seventies

And we’ve never removed our finger from the pulse

A legacy in the making:

Our History

Broadcasting since 1977: The Early Days

The country’s first English language radio station which was initiated in 1977, as a result of an increase in English speakers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Around the clock since 1990: The Middle Ages

96.5FM has been broadcasting around the clock since 1990, moving from an 18 hours a day broadcast to 24 hours, being the main source of information and communication with the expat communities in Bahrain.

New beginnings since 2019 - A Brave New Era

Radio Bahrain 96.5 was acquired by Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company in May 2019, making it one of Mumtalakat’s subsidiary companies. Offering our listeners a wide variety of entertainment programmes, news as well as advertising and partnership opportunities.

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Our team is driven by passion and alive with musical talent

The talent that matters keeping the hits on air so we never miss a beat

Who is Radio Bahrain exactly?

Our Talent

Dave Cleary

Radio Host

over 24 years in the field, Dave is one of the most travelled radio presenters in the broadcasting scene, earning him the nickname ‘Destination Dave’.

A 2-time award winner in 2014 and 2016 winning ‘Best Radio DJ’ at the People’s Choice Awards in the UAE, Dave is currently hosting the Drive Time Show on Radio Bahrain 96.5FM.

Ben Weston

Radio Host

Ben’s radio career began in 1995 and since then he’s been a regular on some of the UK’s biggest radio stations, such as Radio City in Liverpool, BRMB in Birmingham and the Capital FM network of stations across the UK.

He was also one of the first voices to appear on the UAE’s first commercial radio station Channel 4FM and since appeared on the French franchise network NRJ and Virgin Radio elsewhere in the Middle East. Weston is Radio Bahrain’s newest voice, hosting the Breakfast Show, Sunday to Thursday on Radio Bahrain 96.5FM.

Noor Nooruddin

Radio Host

is a writer, radio presenter, digital content manager, and photography producer.

She’s currently the host of the mid-morning Mellow Submarine on Radio Bahrain and the lead Bahraini contributor to Red Bull’s MEA website.

Mai Al-Khatib-Camille

Radio Host

joined Radio Bahrain 96.5FM in 2019, Mai also comes with over 15 years of journalistic experience with the Gulf Weekly Newspaper, and is now the host of Music Mai’nss, bringing back the sounds of the early 2000s as well as the latest hits, making her no stranger to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Camila Duffo AKA Milala

Radio Host

aka Milalá, joined Radio Bahrain as a part-time presenter in 2016 and mostly known for introducing Latin music onto Bahrain’s airwaves.

Camila also comes from a musical background and live performances, as well as being a vocal coach. Camile currently hosts Milala’s Musical Buffet every Friday afternoon.

Ali Dawood

Radio Host

is one of Radio Bahrain’s most popular voices, best known for his selection of upbeat and uplifting music, Ali isn’t only a popular voice but is also known for his work on stage as one of the most entertaining MC’s in the Kingdom. Currently hosting the Urban Soundtracks every Thursday evening.

Nader Alshirawi

Radio Host

started his radio career with Radio Bahrain 96.5FM back in 1995 as a part-time presenter.

He has hosted several shows over his years at the station but currently is the voice on the midday weekends, playing a mix of the classic oldies, dance and the latest hits.

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We’re turned up to 11, 24hrs a day, so you’ll never miss the hits

We believe in the music, the music, the music. But it wouldn’t be radio with out a bit of personality.

Who’s playing when?


Sunday – Thursday 6am – 10am

The Big Breakfast with Ben Weston

Sunday – Thursday 10am – 2pm

Mellow Submarine with Noor Nooruddin

Sunday – Thursday 2pm – 6pm

Loud & Cleary with Dave Cleary

Wednesday 6pm – 9pm ; Saturday 2pm – 6pm

Music Mai’ness with Mai Al-Khatib-Camille

Thursday 6pm – 9pm

Urban Soundtracks with Ali Dawood

Friday & Saturday 10am – 2pm

Weekend Brunch with Nader Alshirawi

Friday 10am – 2pm

Musical Buffet with Camilla AKA Milala

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